AERO RECON is a light and economical short-range drone for surveying and mapping, safety and reconnaissance tasks. The special aerodynamic design in combination with a maintenance-free high-performance electric drive ensure a stable and uncritical flying behavior even under adverse circumstances up to over 5000m altitude. The operation is partly autonomous with handheld transmitter and a ground station (GCS) with high performance data connection. The low system weight and small pack size, thanks to plug-in wings, enable transport in a normal passenger car.
A redundant open-source attitude processor and high-quality EU-compliant components ensure safe and trouble-free operation. The wingspan of just 1950mm with an average take-off weight of less than 3 kg allows a flight time of 45 - 120 minutes, depending on the sensor equipment and battery capacity.

AERO RECON can be equipped with a removable platform for quick installation of different sensors. Switching between RGB, IR or multi-spectral cameras only takes a few minutes. If required, an light embedded computer or other hardware can also be integrated. All cables and components are shielded and interchangeable according to EMC guidelines. The external components are powered by high-quality, filtered converters.

Reconnaissance and surveillance / Surveying and inspection

WS 2 m TOW <3 kg

Cruise Speed -19 m/s

IR, RGB, Night Vision (DEC-Version)

20/40MP RGB, RGB-NIR (NDVI), Thermal (MAP-Version)

Ready to use in 4 min

Flight time 45-120 min

Endurance ~ 30 km